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. holmes tried to hurt himself by ramming his head repeatedly into the wall of his jail cell. he was released from the hospital taken back to his cell. the judge granted a continue once in the case. holmes is accused of killing 12 people, wounding 58 during a screening of the newest batman film in july. holmes has not yet entered a plea. >>> justice department expected to announce a plea with bp oil. the 2010 explosion of a british oil rig in the gulf coast killed 11 and led to that massive spill. if the plea holds, bp will add night negligence and failures leading up to the spill and pay fines totalling billions it could be a record fine some estimates put it between 5 and 20 billion dollars. >>> better prospects if you have a child about to graduate from college. new survey predicts employers will increase hiring of college grads in the coming year. demand for four year degree graduates should go up 5%, hiring people with two year degrees, 30%. the jobs for mba's will drop employers are unwilling to pay their higher salaries. hiring may improve further if congress and the white
or clean mold out with bleach. >>> -- james holmes had to be hospitalized. he rammed his head into his jail cell. holmes was supposed to attend court hearing and it has now been pushed back to december 10th. >>> hostess says 17,000 workers will be out of jobs. they warned they will have to liquidate if employees don't get back to work. they filed for bankruptcy and they have been trying to reorganize. they shut down when workers walked out saturday. >>> they have the highest poverty rate in the u.s. they are measuring poverty for the report. it shows nearly 9 million are coming in because of the high cost of living and the numbers still surprise those who work in food banks and homeless shelters. >> we opened our waiting list. we have eight units and we had 100 plus families sleeping overnight just to be on the list. >> nationwide, several people are living under the poverty line about 16% of the population. >>> christain fellowship will be giving away turkeys and that giveaway starts at 10:00 a.m. this morning and ends a 915 9:15. >>> coming up to the 880 split no major problems and sou
a slowing economy and demand for change. >>> next to colorado, where a hearing today for james holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens more in a movie theater, has been delayed because he was hospitalized. holmes reportedly ran into a jail cell wall and jumped off his bed, but there are no details about his condition. >>> well, fiscal cliff fears hit wall street wednesday. but today, bad news could come from overseas. the 17 countries that make up the eurozone are back in recession after its economy contracted for a second straight quarter. the wider eu, however, avoided the same fate, thanks mostly to last summer's olympics boost. >>> back on the street yesterday, selling picked up during president obama's media briefing about those upcoming tax cut negotiations. and today, we'll see the impact the fed has. chief ben bernanke speaks this afternoon. >>> before the bell this morning, walmart reported earnings that beat the street's estimates. retail sales dropped in october after three months of gains. >>> later today, bp is expected to announce it will pay the
ground fist they have permission from school officials. >>> james holmes misses his day in court. and an update on a story we brought you last night. san francisco ride-sharing services are fined by the state. now one of the companies is speaking out. >> jim harbaugh bises practice today for -- misses practice today for a minor procedure. and we'll have the story of buster posey! >>> chicko state university is -- chico state university is suspending all activities after a student died of an alcohol overdose. they will be barred from recruiting students or having social events until the spring semester. mason died today 11 days after being admitted to the hospital. he had been celebrating his 21st birthday. he was pledging sigma pi. there have been other recent deaths including allegations of hazing and sexual assaults. >>> james holmes was taken to a hospital after running head-first into a jail cell wall. police l described his self-inflicted injuries as half hearted attempts to commit suicide. he was scheduled to appear in court today. that hearing was postponed. he is accused
'm heather holmes for gasia mikaelian. well, hundreds of people are skipping thanksgiving dinner tonight for black friday bargains. carol lou is with customers with why experts expect shorter lines at stores this year. but we begin with janet? >> reporter: actually about in an hour, heather, and remember back in the day when it was hard to find a store that was open on thanksgiving. well, toys r us are having special hours today, they opened at 8:00. and just about an hour ago, there were about half a dozen people in the line. ask now it extends about three dozen or more people down the line. sears and walmart will be opening at 8:00. target plans to open at 9:00, that is three hours earlier than last year, and other stores such as best buy are sticking to their midnight times, but they're offering up deep discounts, like laptops up to $180 to draw people in, people who are waiting are saying that it's worth it for the deals, and some away they came for the fun of it, but certainly during they say tough economic times, they're looking for some of the deals as these stores want to keep th
suspect pamms holmes... is posttponed. requested the delay after the suspect was taken to the hospital for an unspecified injury, yeeterday.holmes is accused of killing 12 eople and wounding 58 during a midnight scceening of the batman film "thh dark knight rises" this past july.the hearing ii now set for the foundation created by disgraced ycliss lance armstrong has dropped his name... n the wake of a doping scandal.for years... the lance armstrong foundation &phas been informally known as liveetrong.armstrong founded the charity in 19-97 after testiiular cancer. he stepped down from tth ooganization last month after u-ss report clliming armstrong was involved in dopinggduring his career.his fouudation wwll now officially be known as the "livvstrong foundation". are you our biggest fan?then you can become.. our fan of the day! everyday we'll picc one of ourr viewers frommour ffcebook page... and feature them on fan just go to our facebook page... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. coming up on the early edition... police in harford county are ánotá laughiig ovvr a youtube vide
to colorado where a hearing today for james holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens more in the movie theater shooting, has been delayed because he was hospitalized. holmes reportedly ran into a jail cell wall and jumped off his bed but there were no details about his condition. >>> fiscal cliff fierce hit wall street wednesday. selling picked up during president obama's media briefing about those upcoming tax cut negotiations. today we'll see what impact the fed has. chief ben bernanke speaks this afternoon. >>> also on deck, before the bell earnings from walmart and target, retail sales dropped in october after three months' gain. >>> later today, bp is expected to announce it will pay the largest penalty in history to settle criminal and other claims from the 2010 gulf oil disaster. >>> new york's state attorney general has subpoenaed documents related to sandy-related prep and procedure from both con ed and long island power authority. >>> the fda says over the past five years 5-hour energy shots have been cited in the deaths of five people. monster has been tied
>>> good evening, everyone. it is friday november 23rd. i'm heather holmes in tonight for gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with new develops for the fatal accident that claimed the life of a 24-year-old woman. tonight, family members are gathered and we just learned the victim's 20-year-old sister and their mother are in critical condition there now. the highway patrol says the parents and four daughters from san bruno were in this lexus suv, heading north on highway 101 just before 7:00 a.m. a chp officer was on the shoulder helping the driver of a pick up truck with a flat tire when the is suv swerved and hit the cruiser. >> as it overturned two of the six parties in that is suv were ejected. >> it is not clear if the two woman ejected were wearing seat belts. the chp officers suffered minor injuries. the accident shutdown lanes of the highway for six hours today. >>> the pilot of a small plane died today when his aircraft crashed in the sierra foothills. the plane went down about 3:40 this afternoon. that t is four miles from the community of san andres. the pil
. >> yeah. >> and on the holmes of that, a norrest ---- the heels of that, a nor easter? >> there is a chance we could see another system heading up the coast and we'll talk about that, the chilly nights and what to expect weather-wise on election day. >> it's pretty nice. >> all of these important things. >> it's nice. we have clouds rolling in. otherwise, not too bad. we don't have any precipitation to speak about in the city at all, and it's cold, though. very much on the cold and chilly side. the temperatures continue to be well below the seasonal average. sunday, we're talking a mix of sun and clouds. the cool days and chilly nights will continue and turn back the clocks tonight. you will gain an hour of sleep and mid-week, we have a storm threat to talk about and we're going to let you know what is happening. a lot of clouds and we're talking mostly cloudy. tomorrow, we will see the sunshine and we'll have clouds sticking around. into the end of the weekend and today's highs, look at the numbers. fifty degrees at reagan national airport; 48 at dulles. the same at b
to pay a record fine. >>> today's scheduled hearing for colorado mass shooting suspect james holmes has been postponed. holmes' attorney requested the delay after his client was taken to a hospital for an unspecified injury yesterday. holmes is accused of killing 12 people, wounding 58 at an aurora movie theater back in july. >>> cancer charity "livestrong" foundation is formally dropping founder lance armstrong from its name. the cycling legend stepping down as the chairman and resigned from the board of directors because of accusations that he used performance-enhancing substances. armstrong decided to stop fighting the u.s. anti-doping agency and has since been stripped of his 7 tour de france titles. >>> president barack obama is going to new york city today to see the devastation from superstorm sandy. the president will tour the city's hardest hit borough, staten island. the president toured new jersey shortly after sandy hit. but mayor michael bloomberg asked the president to stay away from new york. he said then that the president's visit would take up too many resources. >>> pr
found to be licensed. >> new this morning a delay in the trial of james holmes, the accused gunman in the movie theater massacre in colorado. he was supposed to appear in court toy but a judge granted his team a delay after holmes was rushed to the hospital as serious but undisclosed the condition. there are reports holmes has tried several times to take his own life. he is accused of opening fire during a midnight showing of the dark night rises back in july. 12 people were killed and 58 injured. >> closer to home, law makers on capitol hill are trying to get to the bottom of amen jiets out break. the house energy and commerce subcommittee says it will investigate. 32 people have died. more than 400 sickened. the wife of a man who died says justice needs to be served. >> whoever is responsible, i want them to know their lack of attention to their duties cost my husband his life. cost my family, cost them a loss we'll never recover from. >> the owner of the pharmacy linked to the tainted drug has pleaded the 5th. >> hundreds of prince georges county police officers have begun getti
in the colorado movie theater massacre has managed to keep himself out of a courtroom this morning. james holmes was taken to a hospital tuesday. sources tell abc news holmes tried to hurt himself by ramming his head repeatedly into the wall of his jail cell. he was released from the hospital and taken back to his cell. the judge granted a continuance yesterday. holmes is accused of killing 12 and wounding 58 during a screening of the newest batman film in july. he has plead -- he has not yet entered a plea. >>> justice department expected to announce a plea with bp and it could include manslaughter charges for two employees and a record fine. the 2010 explosion of a bp oil rig in the gulf coast killed 11 and led to the massive spill. bp will plead guilty to obstruction for lying to congress about how much oil was pouring out of the well. bp could pay a record fine some estimates put it between 5 and 20 billion dollars. >>> better prospects if you have a child about to graduate from college. new survey predicts employers will increase hiring of college graduates in the coming year. demand for fo
you for joining us on this special post game edition of channel 2 news, i'm heather holmes. >> a crowd demanding an end to violence against men in the community. . >> reporter: this is oakland police headquarters, which got a visit from an angry crowd, demanding change. hundreds of people started outside of oakland city hall protesting police brutality. it was in name of 18-year-old allen, shot and killed by a police officers last may. >> opd has a systematic institutionalized problems they refuse to address and it's come to the point again beyond the point where they need to address the issues. >> reporter: the family and supporters held similar rallies. they support from unions. one man suggested a general strike like one that happened during the occupy protest should happen in this case. >> those are the kinds of actions the labor movement needs to take to put an end to the police brutality. it's happening too often. the protesters marched around oakland. allen's mother led the way. prosecutors declined to file charges saying the officer fired in self defense. . >> it's not my job t
a tax hike but we found the state is being cheated out of millions every year. ktvu's heather holmes tracked down the worse tax evaders to ask why they failed to pay up. that is tonight's special report. >> reporter: our such led us to this high rise in downtown san francisco. a law office. the attorney is seen smiling in pictures with president obama and former president bill clinton but he wanted nothing to do with our camera. >> reporter: we are tracking down those that owe the state, and you are 203 on the list. >> reporter: he is a former san francisco ethic's commissioner. now he is facing his own tax dilemma. >> reporter: is it fair folks like you don't pay your fair share. >> i pay all my taxes as i can. and so that is all i got to say. >> reporter: he said he is working with the tax board to pay his bills. he is one in a long list of californians on the hook. we found professionals, including other lawyers, doctors, nurses, celebrities, and topping the list with a $10 million tax bill, founder of san francisco based c-net. we couldn't find him. but here on main street, is th
economy and demands for change. >>> next to colorado where a hearing for james holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens more in a movie theater has been delayed because he was hospitalized. holmes reportedly ran into a jail cell wall and then jumped off his bed. but there are no details about his condition. >>> and now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. house speaker john boehner was easily re-elected to the post on wednesday with the exception of one vote, texas congressman nominated former speaker newt gingrich. it would have been perfectly legal but no one seconded the nomination. his fellow texan congressman ron paul gave part one of the farewell speech as he prepares to retire at year's end. >> sadly, many religious groups, secular organizations and psychopathic authoritarians endorse government initiated force to change the world. >> national journal reports wisconsin congressman and former vp hopeful paul ryan will remain house budget committee chairman after being granted a gop waiver to avoid being term limited out of t
hearing. a sorse says james holmes was hospitalized after intentionally ramming his head into a wall in his cell. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58. >>> a former city comptroller has pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $50 million. rita crundwell raided the money of dixon, illinois, for decades, funneling the money into a secret account to pay for her lavish lifestyle and her horse breeding business, as well. crundwell faces up to 20 years in prison. so far, the sale of her assets has brought in about $7 million. but of course, that is just a drop in the bucket. >> a small drop. >>> it is time, now, for the weather across the nation. a chilly morning along much of the east coast, with showers and thunderstorms from the carolinas through florida. snow flurries in the dakotas, around fargo and bismarck. foggy in california, from los angeles to san francisco. >> mostly 50s in the pacific northwest, central rockies and great plains. just 30 in fargo. 40s from the midwest into the northeast. 81 in miami. >> we can only dream. >>> when we come back, bp gets ready to
was delayed for james holmes the suspected gunman in the colorado movie theater shooting and later luck running you want for two brothers trying to pull off a multimillion dollar lottery scheme. this is the "cbs morning news." mother: this is george. he is a good little monkey and always very curious. one day george got an important letter... he's built a rocket ship to travel into space. girl: google, how far is earth to the moon? google voice response: moon is 238,900 miles... mother vo: the great moment had come... ...3...2...1. ♪ have led to an increase intands clinical depression. drug and alcohol abuse is up. and those dealing with grief don't have access to the professional help they need. when you see these issues, do you want to walk away or step up? with a degree in the field of counseling or psychology from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. let's get started at capella.edu you've been there. you pick out a makeup thinking it's your shade until you actually try it out. now, i have a make up that always gets it right. a
struggling with poverty for generations. calvin holmes heads the chicago community loan fund, which distributes financing from calvert to local organizations. holmes says the groups don't need to have spotless credit histories, but they do need solid business plans. >> we have a compliance monitoring team that meets with our customers on a regular basis, and we're always trying to help them not only get to the finish line, but to be successful as an organization in the long haul, because the goods that they provide and the services they provide are so important to us. >> reporter: the stewards market used its loan to buy new computers. it also hopes to buy a machine that will paint sneakers, instead of requiring an artist to do the job by hand. so far, sales this year are more than double last year, putting the stewards market on track to repay its loan and make money for investors. diane eastabrook, nbr, chicago. >> susie: that's "nightly business report" for tuesday, november 20. have a great evening, everyone, and you too, tom. >> tom: good night, susie. we'll see you online at n
by for heather holmes and ken wayne with all the day's news right here on ktvu channel 2 news. good night. medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. >>> contract talks break down and now thousands of grocery store workers are on strike. we will have the latest on on the job action. >> forward. i call it forewarned. >> the big issues on the campaign trail today. >> live in berkeley, protesters had a run in with police. why they were here and why they couldn't stay. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am ken wayne. >> i am heather holmes. >> we begin with developing news. tomales bay, revue crews used a chain saw to open up the hull of a disabled boat and pull out two children
and the u.s. role going forward. maria cardona and amy holmes will be joining me in just moments. >>> but first, a very good morning to catalina island, california. thanks for starting your morning with us. with verizon. hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals. like the lucid by lg, free. or the galaxy nexus by samsung, free. this weekend, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon. [ woman ] ♪ what i want this season ♪ if you'd like to try and guess ♪ ♪ it is something very special ♪ i would readily confess [ dogs barking ] ♪ 'cause all i want this season ♪ ♪ is something from your heart ♪ la da da, la da da [ male announcer ] thinking of others this holiday season, travelers. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. i heard you guys ca
that shooting it was about giant's pride as the parade went through downtown san francisco. heather holmes is live at the civic center. >> reporter: they are starting to clean up now after what was a fantastic world series celebration that included a lot of heart felt thank yous from the players to the thousands of fans who followed their story book season. >> the mvp of the world series, pablo sandoval. >> reporter: the orange and black roared when pablo sandoval came out onto the stage. after a four game sweep of the tigers, the key just wouldn't do to. >> the broom to the city! congratulations on sweeping the word series championship. . >> reporter: the mayor gave the tribute to the team. the manager told the crowd they always believed just as fans did. >> we got down to the reds, never say die. we got down to st. louis, never say die. >> reporter: ryan credited the fans for the postseason wins. >> we went to cincinnati and they weren't as loud as you. we went to st. louis they weren't as loud as you. detroit fans, weren't even close to as loud as you. that's why we won. thank you v
neighborhoods swallowed. lock after block of shattered holmes. >> you're trying to get out out of window. it's freezing, the wind is blowing. >> reporter: national guard troops today still rescue thousands of displaced. >> they're telling us two days before power here and i lost the first floor so i got come back and dig that out. >> president obama and chris kristie met with residents. >> i don't know what to do. >> reporter: many homeowners have no flood insurance and the water remains. >> with power out like lie for days yet, gas stations rationing fuel. in manhattan traffic is move bug power is still out. officials today confirmed 110 homes there's no that downed power line fire. new jersey's seaside park -- roller coast, a similar it will of what may be the costliest storm in history. >>> new york city mayor bloomberg did the honor this morning reopening the stock exchange after a two day shutdown. they are running on generators. stocks closed slightly lower. analyst say investors will a lot of information digest. >>> there's still a chance sunday's race will be called off. city officia
happened here on july 20. james holmes a storm to the cinema -- stormed the cinema. he shot 12 people dead. we are not allowed to film close up. nearby, nancy is holding an election party. she is quite possibly the most enthusiastic obama supporter in her neighborhood. today, staff from obama's local campaign team are here training volunteers. polls indicate that american women are more likely to favor gun control than men are. she has a lot to say about the national rifle association or the nra, probably the most powerful lobby group in the country. >> mine is we need to get guns out of the hands of crazy people, and the nra is against that because every gun that they sell is more profit in the pocket. we need to protect our kids. >> both political parties are competing to win over women in colorado. in this swing state, there are more female voters than male voters. obama supporters say women should support the president because of his stance on abortion. >> i feel strongly that no one should be forced to have children until they are prepared to have children. i do not really think it is
. the shooting suspect, james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring dozens more during the midnight premier of the latest bettman will be. >> national news, newark police charged the nanny of those two children new york police-have charged her in the west side apartment. she stabbed a six year-old girl and the one year old board before stabbing herself. >> some beautiful weather for the bay area today look at this shot from ocean beach. high clouds. but otherwise, a lot of sunshine with temperatures even in the '70s. we are going to see a repeat performance. right now, live at the bay bridge toll plaza still decent. and nice temperatures. 50s, 60s at this hour and keep in mind as a reminder. to take your clocks back with daylight savings time ends for this year. we are going to see sunrise, or earlier. just after 6:30 but on the flip side the sunset is going to be also an hour earlier. just after 5:00 p.m. so it is going to get dark, curly. howeve that is going to be an extra hour of the weekend. 50s and 60s. and the same throughout redwood city antioch, san jose with clear skies. a
that things must turn around. robert holmes lives in the only unit in this unit building that hasn't been abandoned. >> is there a part of the system you think need to be changed, robert. >> i think workers. >> changed in which way? >> why should these young kid have babies to the babies to their babies. and i can see they cannot get a good job. i see the babies having babies. >> reporter: for some randall carson said his mom taught him the self-discipline that earned him a diploma. >> you people have to come out here and get it. we're not going to come knock on your door, here's a job for you, here's a job for you. get off your lady butts and come look for a job. >> there's an election coming up. do you have any thought into it? >> no, but i will in time. >> who are you liking right now? >> i wish reagan could run again. >> mark we're going to have some buttons today. >> reporter: he's voting for bush. >> i'm doing pretty good. i have a family of four. myself my wife and my two kids, two girls and we're making it. in fact, we're making it rather well. >> how do you feel about the country
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.c. citizens who fought in the war. eleanor holmes norton fought the nationalization of the memorial and says it is a victory for the district. >> the d.c. war memorial paid for withed blood and treasure of d.c. residents will remain exclusive dedicate d to the district world war i veterans. >> norton also pushed for more respect for the d.c. flag. a d.c. naval graduate noticed the flag wasn't flown at his graduation from great lakes last fall. norton encouraged them to use the d.c. flag at all ceremonies. >>> a statue of the most decorated marine in u.s. history. a statue of lieutenant louis b. fuller stands on the grounds of the marine corps of quantico. he was born in west point, virginia, in 1898. he was awarded five iron crosses. he served in the korean war, world war ii, and other places as well. >>> breaking news at this hour involving the ever breaking david petraeus scandal. the latest man targeted by the investigation. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome on this tuesday, november 13, 2012. we have rain in the region, cooler than yesterday. storm
cine de aurora, colorado, presentaron una moción para retrasar la audiencia dijeron que holmes tiene una condición no especificada pero es especial, dicen que la moción se basa en condiciones legales, medicas y psicológicas. >>> un hombre que perdió su familia por un error de un examen de adn, busca una compensación millonaria, entre los demandados está el gobierno de estados unidos. >>> miguel familia tiene que esperar más tiempo sin tener una decisión judicial de la demanda por daños y perjuiciso contra la embarcación embajada de estados unidos en nueva jersey. >>> es un caso tan claro, porque tiene que haber justicia, es muy claro el caso, es un adn erróneo que destruyó una familia . >>> la espera es porque los abogados demadaron a la jueza ,por alegada sosepcha de discriminación. >>> le dijo a mi cliente, si sigue con esto, te fallaré en contra. >>> dicha corte decida la suerte de las acusaciones en cuestión. >>> familia solicitó 100 millones de dólares al laboratorio que realizó el examen, implora al presidente barack obama para que se apiade de su caso. >>> qu
james holmes was taken to the hospital for an unspecified injury wednesday. local port reports say he -- reports say he may have intentionally hurt himself in his jail cell. he is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. this was back in july. that hearing is now set for december 10th. >>> a settlement is now said to be announced today with oil giant bp concerning the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the deal is expected to include bp admitting to negligence that led to the spill and a payment of fines totaling billions of dollars. attorney general eric holder may make the announcement himself. >>> hostess workers who are on strike have until 5:00 this evening to return to worker the company may -- or the company may be forced to liquidate. they are going to file a motion to liquidate the entire company on friday if they don't come back across the picket line and come back to work. liquidation would cost more than 17,000 workers their jobs. >>> all right, time now for a check of the forecast. it is cold outside. >> it sure is. i haven't really thought about getting
:45. denver post reports james holmes rammed his head into a jail cell wall. the 24-year-old was due in court today but the judge postponed the hearing. his attorney did not give details on his condition. >>> today on capitol hill the owner of a pharmacy linked to a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak will be in the hot seat today. he is not expected to say very much. he refused to testify in front of a house committee yesterday citing his fifth amendment right. the fda told a congressional panel it needs more authority to regulate compounding pharmacies. the outbreak linked to the deaths of 42 people. 460 people have gotten sick in 19 states, including virginia and maryland. >>> jurors saw graphic cell phone video moments after dominique frazier was stabbed to death. alexis simpson was acting in self-defense and the stabbing was accidental. the roommates got into a fight over loud music in their dorm room. simpson was bullied and asked for another room assignment two weeks before the fight. >>> police say it's possible a teen charged with two murders may be responsible for other crimes. d.c. p
decorated marine had history. a ceremony will be held at the war memorial. eleanor holmes norton is pushing for a measure that with require the d.c. flag to be displayed when the flags of the 5 states were displayed. coming up in a few minutes we will look at some of the veterans day ceremonies from over the weekend. >> more employers working to hire military veterans and department of veterans affairs could use more help. here is linda bell with blagojevich in new york. >> it looks like the stock indexes futures indicate a slightly higher open. our attention turns to the debt crisis of europe and discussing bailout funds for greece. statistics show the department of veterans affairs is falling behind in the mission to care for veterans. that is despite an increase in budget and staff. about 896,000 disability compensation and pension claims were pending as of last week. about two-thirds of them were in the system more than 125 days. that is beyond the agency's target processing time. with as many as within million troops to be veterans in the next five years they wil
the job again. some pretty not surprising races in terms of incumbents. delegate eleanor holmes-norton will return to congress as d.c.'s nonvoting delegate. and browser, alexander, and evans will also return as incumben incumbents. we're live in northwest, back to you. >>> coming up, now that question seven has passed, how soon could we see a casino at national harbor. we'll take a look at what happens next. >>> adding insult to injury for thousands along the east coast already hit by hurricane sandy. a coastal storm making its way into the northeast causing concern about rain, high wind, and snow. people along the shore are warned to keep a close eye on the tide. >> that same system could bring us snow later today. i am not ready. i know, can you help me? storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with the forecast. tom, what's going on? >> i think it's going to be a low impact storm for us. we are seeing some rain showing up on storm team 4 radar. that area of rain is advancing to the north. the area of coastal low pressure is way out to sea. it's close enough to us to give us som
enforced. >> eleanor holmes norton focusing on public safety issues tonight walking the mall. she will use it to look at police presence lighting and other measures. she started the annual walk on the mall after several were robbed in a matter of weeks in 2006. >> 4:51 is the time on monday. 40 degrees. >> up next a look at the weekend becomes office. seewashington's new movie >> good morning to you. 4:53. let's check in with jackie on the force. >> very chilly start across the area. we have a little bit of cloud cover which is helping a few of us stay warm. a weak disturbance overhead but more sunshine in the afternoon. nice to see the sun yesterday. we have cold temperatures to contend with and freeze warning for many of our counties to the north and west of the metro area. temperatures will get down in the lower 30's this morning so any sensitive plants will be done for if you didn't bring them in. you might have a little bit of time to spare them. grab the mums or others. 38 in washington, 38 bethesda. it is chilly 37 and 38 in gainesville and 39 in centr
. no traffic lights. gasoline. it's a dangerous situation. you have to be careful. >>> plus, new katie holmes in times square and jon bon jovi home videos. >>> and -- the latest on tonight's all-star concert. ♪ your hometown >>> kirstie alley with barbara walters. >> she asked me some, you know, barbara questions. >> telling all about her drug addiction. >> i snorted cocaine. >> the forgotten first husband that she cheated on and her struggles with weight. >> you said that you were broken? >>> then -- ♪ you want it we got it >> britney
before hurricane sandy, then after the storm ravaged the community. michael holmes is live in toms river, new jersey. michael. >> reporter: yeah, erin, that whole area has been battered so badly. we've been out there twice in two days. we've seen house in the middle of the street. gas lines that are just now being brought under control and one of the worst hit areas we got to today, an area familiar to many viewers. that whole new jersey boardwalk area. those entertainment piers. of all the damage brought by sandy, these images are among the those that stand out the most. take a look at before and then the heartbreaking after. this is the casino pier and amusement park in seaside heights. three quarters century old. to television viewers who watched "the sopranos" or the jersey shore or listen to bruce springsteen sing about this place, there might be a sense of familiarity of it. but for millions of americans, this is a deep personal loss. >> that pier was beautiful. it had great rides. every one of you people or half you people has been on that pier. >> reporter: summer memories, a pla
services to military veterans for 38 years. heather holmes is live tonight in san francisco. and tells us the group swords to plowshares is planning to start a new chapter. >> reporter: onthe front doors lies much more than just beds for these former service members. on any given night in san francisco, hundreds of homeless veterans combat life on the street. randall found himself sleeping on city sidewalks after serving in the army in the 1980s. >> i came home, there was no jobs. i got involved in a lost stuff going on in the tenderloin, and it consumed me. almost took my life. >> reporter: he said he would be dead had he not found swords to plowshares. >> they helped get me to a place where i can help get myself grounded. >> reporter: he was recognized at the veterans day dinner. not far from the event, crews were working on the first housing facility for veterans to be built in the facility in 12 years. >> it was a being used for surplus, property. now down at 75 units. it's going to take vets right off the street into housing. >> each vet will stay in furnished housing. these vulnerab
to send the people back east who are in those storm damaged areas. heather holmes is live where boxes of donated goods will soon be shipped out. >> reporter: frank for more than five hours tonight this baseball shed was bustling an assembly line of volunteers hoping to solve the big problem thousands of miles away. take a look this is the result. 97 boxes of everything from sleeping bags to two way radios sealed and ready to go. >> this is great. fantastic. >> reporter: from gold weather clothes,. >> we have some diapers and wipes. >> to baby items. >> reporter: to other essential supplies. the donations just kept coming. >> nice, nice that's great. >> reporter: and nunan was just surprised that they kept coming. >> seeing all that stuff as an adult where i spent a lot of my time as a child i had to be involved. >> reporter: so he rallied the local baseball community and turned the equipment shed to a donation drop off site. >> watch out this is heavy. >> towels. >> a lot of jackets. >> reporter: volunteers spent the evening sorting, boxing. >> we were just playing video games and tho
, amy holmes, anchor of "real news" on the blaze. terence smith and margaret. terry, what do you make of all the pressing accounts. the number, were they linked to paula broadwell? is it good journalism? >> it's obsession is what it is. it's hollywood on the potomac. hollywood loves a sex scandal. and you notice the way there was an election. are you aware of that? it dropped out of the headlines, out of the news. fiscal news, boring, difficult, numbers no good. so what i was struck by, though, was the obsessive quality of the coverage. i know of one young woman who actually interviewed petraeus at a think tank on the stage. she got a call from "the washington post" saying, did he grope you in the green room. that's fishing. that's a fish iin fishing exped >> have the media been much harder on plaul broadwell and jill kelley than the two generals? >> i should say so. they were the actual public serva servants, the people who were supposed to be putting their attention on running wars, not on parentally this blizzard of e-mails to a doctor's wife in tampa. >> but you were complimentary
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